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       by Nelly Furtado
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       by Madonna
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 Motorola Ringtones

Considered to be among the best global providers of embedded electronic and integrated communications solutions, Motorola was born in Chicago as the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation in 1928. It changed its name to Motorola, Inc in 1947. After years of research and development, the company released the world’s first commercial portable phone in 1983.

Today, Motorola provides software-enhanced and wireless telephones, messaging systems and products for network operators, consumers and industrial and government customers. Among its latest products are the MOTORAZR V3 and MOTOSLVR.

Check out the other compatible Motorola mobile phone units so you can easily download your favorite ringtones using your service provider.

Here you can find the compatibility list of Motorola cell phones:

Motorola 120t, A630, C155, C290, C332, C333, C350, C350g, C353, C370, C650, E310, E398, E790, E815, E825, Motorola L2, L6, Motorola MPX220, Motorola Pebl, Motorola Razr, Motorola ROKR E1, Motorola SLVR L7, Motorola T720, T721, T722, T725, Motorola V170, V171, V173, V180, V188, V190, V195, V197, V220, V235, V260, V262, V265, V266, V276, Motorola V3, Motorola V300, V323, V325, V330, V360, Motorola V3c, Motorola V3C RAZR, Motorola V3i, Motorola V3x, Motorola V400, V505, V535, V540, V551, V555, V557, V600, Motorola V60t, Motorola V635, Motorola V710, Motorola V810 and V840

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